The Sound That is Music to My Ears

I love the sound of a grown man bawling like a child. It’s music to my ears. For instance, Rick, a lovely middle aged gentleman whose inner child takes over more often than not, he’s a lovely crier. Yesterday, much like most days when he’s left to his own devices, Rick decided to spend the day watching spanking videos, something that is only acceptable if he has earned it and has my permission to do so. Needless to say, young Rick had neither and furthermore, decided to attempt to masturbate several times but revealed he could not because he certainly didn’t have privacy for that either. Which explains why he is bent over the arm of the sofa, sore, red and bare bottomed with a thermometer in him.

I’ve already taken him across my lap twice, once for a hand spanking and once for the brush. Both times his lovely song of tears filled the house. You wouldn’t believe the concerto he sung for the strap which lay beautifully laid over his back now. His cries are soft now, a lovely orchestra playing softly in the background.

Rick knows his discipline is far from over and as an incentive, he’s been told that if he lets the thermometer slip, he’ll receive six strokes of the cane. He has no idea how long he must hold it only that he mustn’t let it slip.

He looks quite adorable with his little round bottom on display, propped up on the arm of the sofa. His feet just off the ground and his head buried deep in the cushions crying softly as I scold him.

“What a little sight you are! You thought you were oh so smart going behind my back. At least until I found all of those wet spots in your underpants. Now look at you, sobbing like a little boy. I suppose it’s a bit hard to feel too dignified in your current position and with a thermometer in your bottom, I suppose it’s not even possible. Did I just see it slip out a bit?” I tease. I know it did not but it makes him cry harder and louder.

“I wonder if Jen is stopping by” I say nonchalantly knowing his current situation is one he would not want anyone to see him in. Especially not Jen, a beautiful twenty-something woman Rick has met before and I believe would like to see again. His cries fill the room and I suspect the entire house. It’s music to my ears. I doubt he’ll behave the way he did again.

You can imagine my surprise when the phone rings and it’s Jen. She asks if she can stop by. Of course I say yes. I am sure to say her name a few times so he knows and end the call with a ‘see you shortly.’ Rick cried and cried, his little red bottom bouncing over the arm of the sofa.

I could tell him she will be here, in case he hadn’t heard or I can let him wonder if I was toying with him. For his own benefit, I let him think about it while I go off to get my small paddle.

I can hear Rick’s cries in my bedroom and spend a few minutes, making him wait is so much better for him. He knows he cannot move and is at my mercy.

I return to the living room and check his thermometer, which is still in place. He is quite fearful of the cane and I’m pleased that as of now, it will not need to be used. However, we have a long way to go before I finish with him.

Rick hears someone at the door and I slap his bottom to remind him to be good. “Stay put and be good, I’ll check to see who it is.”

I listen intently as he struggles to maintain his cries to barely audible. When I return, I don’t mention that it was a delivery. Instead I let him wonder if someone, Jen, in particular is in the room. His body is shaking and I know he is sobbing, but he’s keeping as quiet as he can.

“Oh my, aren’t we adorable while we’re trying to pretend we’re a good boy. Might I remind you of your position?” I say and twist the thermometer in him.

I should mention that there is yet another reason for his present situation. Not only was young Rick watching spanking videos, he was also on a chat, and unbeknownst to him, he was chatting with me. I had seen him earlier online and used a secret name. Oh the things he had said to me! Once I revealed who I was and marched his naughty little bottom in here to spank him this morning, he was more than surprised. He was further surprised to learn that during his punishment he would not be allowed to talk as he had done more than his fair share of it yesterday.

“I think we can safely take this out for a few minutes, at least long enough to paddle that naughty bottom of yours good.”

Rick bawls as I slip the thermometer from him, he knows another spanking is coming, quickly. I pull him off the sofa and by the ear he is pulled to my chair and over my lap. His hands clasp onto my ankle and with the first swat, he is yelping and howling. I hold him firmly around the waist, keeping him in place while delivering blow after searing blow to his already tanned bottom. When I thought I’d made an impression on him, I stopped and softly rubbed his sore bottom for a few minutes.

“There, there” I soothed while he cried uncontrollably. “I’m very sorry that I have no choice but to discipline you.”

I continued to rub him and soothe him even though it was far from over. When Rick finally calmed down enough, I told him to kneel before me which he did with tears running down his chiseled face.

“You have some questions to answer young man.”

Rick sniffed and wiped his eyes but continued to sob a bit.

“Are you sorry?”

“Yes ma’am.”

“Are you sorry you were chatting with me? Be honest or I’ll take the strap to you.”

His eyes filled with tears and he cried harder.

“Bring me the strap!” I snap.

“Oh, please no ma’am. I’m sorry but…I am sorry”

I decided to let that go, it was a bit of a loaded question.

“Very well. Why were you watching those videos?”

Rick knew no matter what his answer, he would soon be over my knee again and cried again.

“Why? I want an answer now young man!”

“Because I couldn’t control myself, I guess…I’m just, I’m naughty.”

“When you were chatting with me last night, you said you couldn’t orgasm because of privacy, that wasn’t quite true now was it?”

Rick shook his head “no Aunt Beth”

“So you lied?”

He nodded “yes ma’am.”

“When was the last time you masturbated?”

I knew by his cry that he didn’t want to answer, which meant he had deceived me.

“You can either answer me now, or after six strokes of the cane. Which is it going to be?”

“Last week” he cried and hugged my knees.

“You didn’t have my permission did you?”

I couldn’t quite understand the words but the general answer was a no. I smoothed his hair and massaged his neck and shoulders while he sobbed.

Several minutes went by before he was calm again. “I’m not going to say I’m not disappointed in you, but like everything else, this will be a lesson and for you, one not soon forgotten.” I patted my lap, an indication he certainly didn’t want. Reluctantly he crawled over my lap again, this time for a quick but meaningful hand spanking.

“Go to the bath and bring back a bar of soap, you know what happens when you lie” I say when I finish.

I pull out a clever contraption designed for naughty boys like Rick.

Rick shuffled off to retrieve a bar and came back with a wet bar he hands to me.

“This will not happen again. Your behavior will not be tolerated and if you try me, so help me, this will seem like a walk in the park compared to what I will do to you” I promise while forcing the bar into his mouth.

Rick sees the item in my hands and his eyes grow wide.

“This, my dear, is a chastity belt” I say while putting it on his soft penis. “Get used to wearing it, you will be for the next few days, say a week. Not consistently mind you, just when I am unable to supervise your every move” I say and lock it into place.

“Go march yourself to the corner. I suggest you think about your recent behavior young man and realize it will not be tolerated!”

I watch as Rick shuffles off to the corner. His bottom is swirl of crimson, deep and brilliant shades of red.

Jen arrives a few minutes later and lets herself in. She takes one look at Rick and I motion for her to come in quietly.

“Dear boy, would you prefer the thermometer to the soap?” I ask.

Rick nods eagerly but has yet to realize that Jen is sitting in on his punishment.

“Spit it out and ask properly and don’t you dare move just yet!”

“Please Aunt Beth, please put the thermometer back in my naughty bottom. I promise to be good. Please, I hate the soap!”

“Why are you being punished?”

“Because I was bad, I watched videos and didn’t ask your permission and I chatted with someone, well you, but I didn’t know it.”

“You know Jen called earlier, she wanted to come over”

Rick sobbed.

“Please don’t let her see me like this, please Aunt Beth….”

“Why? Weren’t you a bad boy?” I ask

“Yes ma’am, but please do it before she comes over.”

“What do you want me to do?” I tease.

“Oh Aunt Beth please put my thermometer in, please ma’am” he cries. “I know I’ve been a bad boy…”

“Come over here.”

Rick turned and stood still when he saw Jen seated next to me. His hands immediately tried to cover the chastity belt.

“Get over here right now before I take you over my knee for the paddle again!”

Rick shuffles over, crying all the way and stands before me.

“Come on now, over my lap, this isn’t the first time today.”

Rick lays himself over my lap and Jen cradles his head while I slip the thermometer back into his bottom. Jen and I enjoy a nice visit, with the exception of the occasional sobs from Rick, especially when she notes how nicely he holds it in place. And, of course the chastity belt that is digging into my thigh isn’t the most pleasant experience but well worth it knowing this lesson will be learned and his unwanted behavior will not happen again.

Our visit nears the end and I slip the thermometer from his bottom and stand him up to face Jen and myself. I hand my dear friend the keys to his chastity belt. “Rick, go and clean up and when you return Jen will free you. Please thank her properly and apologize, a heartfelt one too and then kneel on the floor.

I excuse myself to freshen up and when I return Rick is kneeling in front of the sofa with a sullen look. “Did you apologize to our guest?”

“Yes Aunt Beth” he says shyly.

I look to Jen who confirms it.

“Seeing as you enjoy making yourself hard and masturbating, I want you to make yourself hard, right now, in front of us.”

Rick is mortified but this is part of his discipline.

“Now, young man and you’ll be back over my lap and this time it won’t be for a little thermometer, it’ll be the brush!”

He starts stroking himself and very soon he is hard again. I praise him and encourage him to keep going but not to have an orgasm. When I feel he’s close to a climax I tell him to stop and for a brief moment, I feel bad for him, he looks so sad. I quickly remind myself of his recent behavior.

“Naughty little boys aren’t allowed an orgasm and you’ve behaved quite poorly. When I send you to the corner and think about this. For the next week or so, multiple times a day, you will be made to get hard, and stop. You never know when I will tell you to do this and when I cannot watch over you, you will be in the chastity belt. So Jen and myself can enjoy a few minutes without having to tend to you, march your little behind to the corner and keep your hands at your sides.”

Rick softly cries in the corner, it’s such sweet sound. It’s going to be a long week for Rick but I have a feeling my home will be filled with the sound of cries and that is music to my ears.

Cleaning Up His Act

How can a fifty-year old boy make such a mess? Does he think I’m his mother and I’m here only to clean up after him? Occasionally he calls me ‘mommy’ but that is only when I have him bare bottomed over my lap and have blistered his bottom good, however I am not going to lift a finger to clean this mess he left in the kitchen. Mark is a bit of a disappointment, no matter how hard I try, it seems it’s never enough to get through to him.

“Mark, come in her please” I call to him.

“In a minute Aunt Beth”

“This kitchen is a mess, walk your little ass in here right this instant!”

“Ugh! I’m watching a movie…geez!”

Incorrigible, I tell you. I reach for the wooden spoon, the closest item in reach.

“I’m sorry, did I ask you to come in or did I tell you?” I say from the doorway of the living room.

Mark saw the spoon in my hand and turned the movie off. “I’m sorry Aunt Beth, it’s just…”

I yanked him up by the ear and slapped his face as hard as I could.

“It’s the fact that you are a brat! A self-absorbed brat.”

I pulled him across the floor and seated myself in the ‘spanking chair’, a straight backed chair in the living room, and smoothed my skirt.

“I’m in no mood for any sad attempt at an excuse from you.” I started unzipping his pants while his hands clutched at his face.

“Please no Aunt Beth, I’m sorry…” Mark begged but to no avail. Once his bottom was bare, I pulled him over my knee and locked him in place.

“Oh you will be! I promise you that” I started what was to be a long spanking with the spoon. “I promise you will never, ever think to talk back to me again!”

Mark cried out and tried to kick his legs but could not as I had one of mine over his and his pants were twisted around his feet.

“And another think young man, how dare you leave a mess like that in my kitchen! Believe me, when I finish with you, it will not be me in there scrubbing and scouring, it will be you!”

I finished his spanking when I saw his bottom was crimson and Mark was bawling like a baby.

“Go to the corner and you wait until I call for you. Until then don’t you even think about moving!”

Mark shuffled off to the corner. I could hear his cries throughout the house but if a lesson was to be learned, it was needed.

When I came back to the living room after retrieving the small brown strap from my office, Mark was softly sniffling in the corner.

“What do you have to say for yourself?” I ask

Mark stood in place “I’m sorry ma’am.”

“What are you sorry for?”

“Sorry, for making a mess. I was bad ma’am but I’ll clean it up” he sniffed.

“Yes you will, that’s not open for discussion” I snapped.

“Yes Aunt Beth. I’m sorry.”

“I know what you’re sorry for. You’re sorry I spanked you. I heard your attitude and saw it when I came in here. The only thing you’re sorry about is that you didn’t get away with it.”

Mark started to cry again. He knew I was right.

“For all I do for you, this is the thanks I get? A messy kitchen. I don’t know who you think you are young man. I’ll tell you exactly who you are, a brat! A self-absorbed little boy who thinks everyone is going to do everything for you and cater to your every whim. You’ve no appreciation for anyone else, or the efforts of anyone else. I swear, sometimes I think all you want to do is disappoint me!”

He cried harder.

“March that little ass of yours over here. Now!” I snapped.

Mark shuffled across the floor, his hands covering his penis. A shy boy, he is. He isn’t necessarily bad, just naughty.

I pulled him down over my lap for a strapping across his bare bottom. He kicked and cried out but those fell on deaf ears. The strap is thin, lightweight and stings like mad. It should be good incentive to make the kitchen sparkle if he doesn’t want another dose.

After his strapping, which left Mark sobbing uncontrollably, I ordered him to scrub the kitchen, bare bottomed. I wanted access in case he decided to be lazy although I suspected that was the farthest thought from his mind.

“You have one hour. When you finish, you are to go to my room and get the brush from my dresser and go to the corner and wait. It might be ten minutes or it might be an hour. You take that time to think about your recent behavior and think about the fifty strokes of the brush you’re poor bottom is going to get.”

Mark cried harder but did not protest. He knew pushing me was not in his best interest. I gave him a gentle swat to his sore butt which made him jump to get him started.

I puttered around on the main floor for about twenty minutes before checking on his progress. To say I was displeased would be an understatement. What I found was a tea cup, put away, with tea still in it!

“You call this clean?” I demanded.

“Yes ma’am, well no ma’am. I thought…I was crying and didn’t see” he sputtered.

I wasted no time in bending him over the table and strapping the top of his thighs as well as his bottom.

“Get back to work. Clean up your act and this kitchen. Spotless!”

Mark went back to his chore with tears running down his face.

“and those fifty, are doubled. One hundred strokes of the brush! Now you really have something to cry about!” I said while walking towards the living room, and his cries became louder.

I decided not to check on him again, instead I’d wait until he was finished or at least thought he was. When I heard him climb the staircase I checked his work. I knew that no matter how clean it was, it didn’t change the fact that he had put away a dirty tea cup earlier and Mark should still be receiving the promised amount of strokes from the brush.

I was pleased to enter my room to see him standing with his nose in the corner and brush held in both of his hands properly behind his back. His bottom was still a brilliant red with subtle hues of crimson.

“I came up straight from the kitchen and do you know what I found?” I asked.

Mark started to cry “oh ma’am, I tried so hard. I really did. I checked everything, I swear. Please Aunt Beth, I really tried…”

I walked beside him and put my hand on his shoulder. “When you try really hard to do something and you fail, you feel disappointed don’t you?”

Mark nodded and cried.

“It’s quite disappointing to learn that your best was not good enough, isn’t it?” I asked while wiping the tears from his eyes.

“Aunt Beth I tried, please don’t be mad. I admit in the beginning I didn’t try as hard but after…you know, I tried.”

“After I strapped you in the kitchen?” I asked.

Mark bawled and nodded.

“I think now you understand maybe why I was so hard on you? I’ve tried with you and yet today you disappointed me” I said and took the brush from his hands. “It’s very hard not to be disappointed when you put so much care and effort into something or even someone and you find that you’ve failed isn’t it?”

Mark nodded “yes Aunt Beth. I’m sorry.”

I took him by the wrist, gently and walked him over to the bed. “I know I asked you earlier, what are you sorry for?” I seated myself on the bed and smoothed my skirt.

“I’m sorry I disappointed you” he said quietly. “Not just the cup in the kitchen, I know better.”

“Keep going” I say while tapping the brush against my palm.

“I…well because I disappointed you when I left it, the kitchen, a mess in the first place and then didn’t come when you called me. I disrespected you and I do appreciate what you do for me too. It’s just that I didn’t show it and…I know better, you’ve taught me better” Mark said while sniffling.

“So we do understand. I should also tell you, the kitchen has never shined as much as it is now. You’ve done a lovely job. Your efforts were not in vain. I’m quite proud of you.”

Mark looked at me with a shy smile.

“Well then, I think this brush can be put away. Go ahead, and put that back on the dresser like it was.”

He stopped and looked at the brush and down at my lap. I thought he would be pleased not to receive a spanking like the one I had promised. Instead he looked a bit troubled.

“Aunt Beth?”

“Yes?” I asked, a bit puzzled by his lack of excitement.

“I deserve it. All of them. I let you down. I disappointed you and I earned the brush” he said with tears in his eyes.

“I see. Can I ask why?”

“I don’t want to do that to you again. I don’t want to be a disappointment anymore.”

I knew then and there the original spanking I had in mind was not appropriate, even though Mark was asking for it. Instead I chose to give in to his request, proud of him for his willingness to accept a punishment that was no longer necessary, by way of a moderate spanking. He crawled onto my lap and hugged me tightly as I applied the brush strokes to his already sore bottom. Not quite a hundred of them, but enough to appease his need.

Lasting Impressions

What to do with naughty boys who insist on playing in her panty drawer and doing the unthinkable in her panties? What was poor Rick thinking this morning when I caught him red handed, stroking his hard cock with a pair of white silk panties. Oh such a sight he was, pants around his ankles stroking himself feverishly in my bedroom, eyes closed and head tilted back. The last thing he expected was a sharp slap across his face and his hard on run shrivels away.

Rick was a sight to be seen, his hand firmly wrapped around his soft penis while he stuttered incoherent nonsense. “Ma’am…I was…please…well…sorry”

Even dressed in a bath towel I can wield a mean brush and proceeded to do so without any hesitation. This time however, he needed to learn a valuable lesson and I knew I had to be creative. After giving him one of the hardest brush spankings I can remember, I plugged him and forced him to sit my table and made him go through each pair of my panties. He had to carefully fold each one and put aside ten pairs he especially liked. Rick had no idea why I had made that request but I certainly did.

“That’s quite a nice selection you’ve picked out.”

“Thank you ma’am” he said shyly.

“Go place them in my drawer and go to the closet and fetch me the cane.”

“But ma’am” he pled.

“If you for one second think we are through here you have another thing coming. After what I caught you doing, let me just say that your punishment is far from over young man. I had better not find one pair of those panties wrinkled!”

Rick stood up and momentarily reached to soothe his sore bottom but I pushed his hand out of the way brought my hand down on his left cheek. I knew he hated the cane, for him it was far worse than anything else I could do to him.

“Bring the black strap from the closet with you.” If he  thought for one moment his butt was sore, he was about to get quite an awakening.

“Both ma’am?” Rick asked.

He knew the answer by the glare I was giving him.

His eyes could not meet mine. I watched as a single tear rolled off his chin and fell onto the floor when he handed me the cane. I can imagine a thousand reasons for this but it does not change the rules. I lift his chin with one finger and force him to look me in the eye. While it’s utterly humiliating for him it’s also a crucial part of his discipline. He must face what he’s done wrong in order to learn from it. Ricks eyes welled and he nervously bit his lower lip.

“Hold out your palms. I only going to say this once, if you fail to obey me, the cane strokes will increase. Do you understand?”

Rick tried to avert his eyes, my finger guides his face and he solemnly nodded.

“You will not move your hands until I say so.”

He nodded again. I have never strapped his palms, but know it is quite effective. I start on the left hand, the black strap lands and he gasps. I know he is struggling to accept the next but Rick knows it’s coming. He braces himself, planting his feet firmly into the carpet beneath. One the second stroke he howls out. “This will teach you not to touch things that don’t belong to you.” The third comes down and he cries out. “It will be quite a while before you touch anything you shouldn’t.” I move on to the right hand and carry out the same strokes.

Once his hands are red and sore, I march him over to a low back chair. I guide him to kneel on it, hang his head over the top of it and secure his hands, palm to palm with a black stocking tied tightly around them. I take my time positioning his bottom for the cane. “Since you were a good boy for your hand strapping, it will be six strokes. You will count them, if you lose count we will start from one. Rick bawls, he has only been caned once before and that was a mere three strokes for becoming hard on my lap. I tap the lengthy cane across his bared cheeks. I listen to his cries subside and know he is holding his breath for the first stroke. I toy with him and swish it through the air. The sound sends a shiver down his spine.

With a sharp sound, the cane lands on the top of his bottom, immediately the red stripe appears on his already reddened bottom. Rick yelps and cries loudly, but does manage to cry ‘one.’ I silently count to fifty before laying the second stroke, about a half inch below the first. He howls out and cries uncontrollably but again manages to say ‘two.’ I continue the same method for all six. By the end Rick is crying hard although he is breathless. I place the cane between his cheeks, the bottom of it wedged on the chair. “If you drop it, they’re be another six” I tell him.

I leave him to cry while I dress myself and call a dear friend and ask if she’d like to have afternoon tea. I’m pleased to hear she is coming over right away. Perhaps it was because I told her what I would like her to do. Regardless, there is no sense in waiting longer to truly punish him.

Once I am ready I pick out an adorable purple lace trimmed panty. I take the cane that is wedged in his ass out and untie his wrists from the back of the chair and help him down. I slip the panties, which barely cover him on and tell him to go and stand nose to the corner in the entranceway to wait for Ann. “When she arrives, bring her to the sitting room then you will stand in the corner in there and at no time are you to rub yourself. Those palms of yours should be quite sore.”

Rick reluctantly leaves and I know I can trust him to behave himself. He dared not to even try to beg not to let her see him like this. I know this is humiliating him relentlessly. I can hear him sniffling in the main hall while I walk around getting things ready.

I hear her come in and am pleased that Rick is being cordial, but know by his voice he is on the verge of tears. It brings a smile to my face.

I sit with Ann and chat a bit, nothing in particular at first but I know she is intrigued by the purple panty clad young man in the corner and the nine pairs of panties I have laid out on the coffee table.

“Ann I could really use your advice, which seven pairs would be suitable for young Rick to be seen in for the next week? I’m quite partial to these lacy little numbers.”

“They’re all quite pretty, especially for a naughty boy who likes to play in his “Aunt Beth’s” panty drawer.” She says.

Rick begins to cry softly and I waste no time in reminding him that he is to be on his very best behavior or else.

Once we settle on his panties for the next week, we are left with two, a silky black pair that do not breathe at all and a string style pink panty.

“Come over here young man” I say and he slowly turns to walk towards us. “Yes ma’am” he says but his eyes are cast down.

“I see you haven’t learned your full lesson yet. Pull down your panties and bend over the chair” I say and pick up the folded brown belt from the table. “A nice strapping is in order, at least until he learn to look me in the eye.”

Rick looked up and with his eyes begged me not to and without regard, pointed to the chair.

I handed Ann the pink panties and she too delight in pushing them into his mouth and proceeded to hold down his hands.

The strapping began and he bawled, although muffled, still quite loud. It was to be expected as I’m most certain his bottom was on fire from the brushing and caning he had already received. When the belt was finally laid to rest on the table, I took a blindfold and slipped it on him. It was time to have a bit of fun with this naughty boy.

He was led on all fours on the floor and the pink panties were pulled from his mouth. I began prepping his bottom for the strap on. I sensed he knew it was coming but being unable to see, was not sure if it was Ann or myself. He begged but was only met with a sharp slap of my hand to his certainly sore bottom. Ann positioned herself in front of him and he was made to please her while I fucked him fast and hard. I reached under him and felt him for hardness. I was a bit angry he was somewhat hard and quickly Ann and I switched positions. This time rolling him onto his back and raising his legs up. I straddled myself over his legs and forced myself down on his face before removing his blindfold.

“You will learn to look me in the eye” I scolded while grinding down on him and Ann fucked him.

Tears ran down his face but his tongue kept working feverishly in an attempt to please me. Which he did, but I made him work for it. From then one we switched positions and used him until we were more than satisfied. But I knew he was not quite finished.

I stood him up and put the tight black silky panties on him. I pulled him across my knee and delivered a slow but deliberate hand spanking over the panties. He sobbed and sobbed but I was determined that this would be the last time he peaked around my panty drawer.

When the spanking I sent him to Ann to apologize. Instead she lowered his panties and bent him over to insert a plug into his bottom. “Be a good boy and stay out of Aunties panties.” She said and pulled his panties up.

Ann and I spent the next hour chatting while Rick stood in the corner not knowing if I was through with him or not. I can only imagine the thoughts that were running through his mind as we whispered and giggled, occasionally remarking on how well he could take a strap on and how well placed the cane strokes were.

When Ann left I took Rick upstairs for a private lesson. I placed my wet panties in his mouth and gave him another ass fucking before allowing him to snuggle up and fall asleep in my arms. I’m confident this will be a lasting impression and that Rick will never again play in my panty drawer.

The Punishment Should Always Fit the Crime

Some girls are made for spanking, case in point, Gina. A leggy brunette with a perfectly round bottom and a smart mouth. As I’m sitting back contemplating the next round and letting her rest, not so proudly  in the corner, I have a delicious idea for her. Immediately I’m up and out of the room to make a call. There is a good reason Miss Gina is standing in the corner with a red bottom and tear streaked face. You see she loves to talk back and flirt and both of those traits got her into a bit of trouble earlier today. My dear friend Rob was watching her while I tended to some personal business and it seems my dear girl teased and flirted with him relentlessly. Gina even went so far as to sit on his lap and grind into him and dared to ask if her ass felt good on him. Once I heard all about her adventure she was quickly taken to her room for a good dose of my trusted brush. That was her warm up, needless to say I was much disappointed in her and quite angry at her display.

After the brush brought her from 20-something flirt to a sobbing 2 year old, I marched her bare bottom to the bath to wash her mouth out. Not without two sharp slaps to her face first. I forced it in her mouth and washed my hands as she blubbered and proceeded to bend her over the sink and slapped her tender cheeks with my set hand. Many of you know that a wet hand has a different sting to it. I glanced in the mirror, her adorable face with matted hair around it and the white bar of Ivory in her mouth and of course tears running down her face. I almost felt sorry for her, but like I said, her behavior was so disappointing she had left me virtually no choice. I gave her a few more smacks of my hand before I allowed her to spit the soap in the sink.

I slid her twisted white panties up and wedged them tight in her round bottom. I know for a fact that her glorious ass is far from being virgin. I sent her down to the first floor to stand in the special spot in the sitting room. This meant her having to walk past other guests and one of my assistants wearing only the wedged pair of panties. Everyone not only knew she was spanked but was far from it being over. I have a spot I prefer my ill-behaved charges to stand in. It’s visible from the entrance and the hall. If she wants to tease men with her bottom, it should be on display. I would’ve thought she delighted in it, instead her sobbing could be heard throughout the first floor.

I brought a plug for her when I came down and dismissed my assistant. Gina had been humiliated almost enough. I tugged her white panties down slowly, and slid a well lubricated finger in her bottom. It made her squirm with delight until she saw the brush on the table. I took her hand and led her to the chair and pulled her across my lap. Gina knew the spanking was coming but I took my time and instead slid my finger back in her, she moaned softly.

“So you thought it was cute to ask Rob if he thought your ass felt good?”

Gina moaned as my finger worked in and out of her tight butt.

“Don’t you want to know what I think?” I asked.

She murmured a “yes ma’am”

“I think you want more” I teased.

Gina raised her bottom up. She thought I was going to continue to provide pleasure to her. I was almost dumbfounded. Her mind was filled with this feeling and she had clearly forgotten all about the brush that is laid out.  

I slowly slid my finger out, teasing her a bit more as I did and teased more with the tip of the large plug I brought. I took my time sliding it in and filling her. Her body shuddered on my lap. I gave her a hard hand spanking, careful to warm every inch of her round bottom. Gina started to cry a bit but I kept a slow, steady pace. Each spank just as meaningful as the first. The spanking takes several minutes until she is bawling. The feel of her ass being played with is a distant memory and all she could feel is a stinging heat in her bottom.

“Go to the corner and think about what you’ve said and done today dear girl.”

At last I can hear the front door open and even Gina has stopped sobbing long enough to listen. I’ve instructed my guest to say nothing until the right time.

“Do you have anything to say?” I ask.

“I’m sorry ma’am.”


“What I said to Rob.”

“And what you did?” I ask.

“Yes ma’am, I’m sorry” she sobs.

“Do you owe him an apology?”

“Yes ma’am”

“Standing her like this, it makes you ashamed?”

“Yes ma’am!”

“What about your behavior with Rob, are you not ashamed of that?” I question.

“Oh yes ma’am.”

“You know I’m not through with you yet, don’t you?”

Gina cries harder and nods her head.

“Should Rob discipline you in a fashion he sees fit?”

Her cries muffle her answer but I know it is a yes.

I motion to my guest to take over. Rob tugs her wrist and I watch her eyes widen when she sees his face and looks to me for help. I shake my head softly but reassure her “it’ll be okay dear. I’m right here.”

Rob pulls the sobbing girl across the floor and sits her on his knee.

“Should I spank you or are you going to apologize?” he asks.

Gina stumbles out an apology, I sense it’s heartfelt and I suspect Rob does as well.  Although, it doesn’t stop him from bending her over his knee for a sound hand spanking. He quickly notices the plug and tugs at it.

“The way you behaved with me earlier was quite inappropriate don’t you think?” he says in a soft voice while toying with the plug. “Seeing you like this I can’t imagine asking if your bottom felt good on me. But that was you” he slid the plug out and started spanking her. “I can’t imagine such a lovely girl behaving such a way” he continued.

I watch as his broad hand comes down on her sore bottom with force while scolding her for her rude behavior. When he finished he helps her up “be a good girl and kneel on the couch for me. I’ll make it feel better” Rob soothed.

Gina shuffled over while wiping the tears from her eyes. Rob followed her over and caressed her red, swollen bottom with a gentle touch. I took over while he slid his pants off and caressed her sore butt with the tip of his hard cock. Soon he teased her tight little hole with it. “So you want to know how your ass feels on me do you?” he said with a slight laugh before pushing into her.

Gina moaned and grabbed the pillow on the sofa. He slowly fucked her ass and occasionally spanked Gina hard to remind her it wasn’t for her enjoyment. Rob pushed hard to slap up against her tender bottom, making her wince. I have to give him credit, it is a fine line between discipline and pleasure and Rob certainly walked a hair line. He teased her as relentlessly as she had teased him.

When Rob and I were both convinced it would be the last time Gina ever asked such an inappropriate question.

Taking Control of the Situation

Today I received a lovely handwritten “thank you” note. I cherish these as I know I have made a positive impact on someones life. This one came from a dear couple, Rebecca and Nick who are planning a spring wedding.

What can I say about dear Rebecca? I’d known her for quite a while but her boyfriend, Nick, thought she needed to spend a few days in my care to learn to behave. Something she has needed for years. I’m sure you’ve heard the movie 13 Going on 30, for her it’s was more like 30 going on 13. Don’t get me wrong she is sweet, for the most part, kind, but yet a part of her yearned to be a child. Or, at least it seemed that way to me. Rebecca was constantly late, always putting her own needs above everyone and anyone else’s, blaming everyone else for her own mistakes and above that, and she was a bit self-centered. I suppose that is putting it mildly but one trait of hers that was dealt with immediately, were her temper tantrums. She had them every time she didn’t get her way. I’m not saying she would throw herself on the floor and kick and scream like a child. What Rebecca did when she had these tantrums was to push things out of her way and yells and then when she tired herself out, she’d sit and sulk. Okay, maybe it is the same thing.

Receiving this note today, I’m reminded of her first and only visit to me.

I had warned her to be on time and as of this moment she is nearly twenty minutes late. This is unacceptable! I start up the stairs and hear a commotion and my pace quickens.

“You’re making me late!” snaps Rebecca “this is all your fault!”

“You’ve had all morning, you overslept!” Rosie hissed.

The next thing I hear is a door being slammed shut. Rosie has been behaving herself, for the most part, these past few days here at Red Willow. Last night she whined a bit that she had to clean the bathroom and I had to take the belt to her. I have a hard time believing she slammed the door shut but one never knows. The bathroom door is shut as is Rebecca’s bedroom.

“Rebecca and Rosie, come out here at once!”

Seconds ticked by and neither door opened, this is blatant disobedience and it will not be tolerated. I opened Rebecca’s door and she barely glances in my direction. She is scrunched up in bed pouting. “Excuse me young lady. I don’t know who you think you are, but when I call you, you will come. Get your little ass out to the hall. Now! Come on, let’s go.”

I go to the bathroom door and swing it open. Rosie is in the shower but I make my presence known. “I called for you out in the hall.”

Rosie, a shorter girl in her twenties with a large, round bottom perfect for spanking. Her name isn’t really Rosie, it’s a nickname of sorts. When she is embarrassed, her cheeks blush and I have first-hand knowledge that it’s also more than appropriate for her other cheeks too. She has shorter auburn hair that frames her round face.

“I’m sorry ma’am, I didn’t hear” she says while turning the water off.

“You have until the count of ten to get out in the hallway.” I gave her no time to speak, instead I began counting. “One…two…three…” Rosie quickly covers herself with a towel and walks out to the hall.

“I don’t know what is…” I stop mid-sentence, Rebecca is nowhere in sight. I see her door is exactly how I left it, slightly ajar.

I peek in and much to my dismay she is still in the same position on the bed, still sulking.

“I thought I made myself quite clear young lady, now march your little behind out here right this instant!”

Rebecca rolled her eyes and huffed before turning towards the window in defiance.

“Move! Now! Get your little ass out of that bed and march yourself out here right now. I will not ask you again! You sit there, and I promise you this, it’ll be the last time you sit anywhere for the next few days! Do I make myself clear?”

The tone in my voice makes Rosie shake a bit. When Rebecca remains on her bed with her arms crossed tightly across her chest, I know what I must do. “Rosie, go to my room and in the closet handing, you will find the “attitude adjuster”, a nickname for a special paddle I only break it out when someone is determined to test me. It is rarely used because it is a bit on the lighter side but a nasty little thing.  In the many years and many bottoms that I have disciplined it has only been used a handful of times and when it is used, the same person has yet to feel it twice.

Rosie hadn’t felt it herself, but had been spanked with my hand, brush and strap and knew what those felt like. I’m confident she knows this special paddle is one she doesn’t want to feel. It’s fairly thick and stings like the devil and it gives the receiver knowledge of a new level of pain.

I take Rosie and the paddle into Rebecca’s room. “I want to know what all the yelling and door slamming was about and I want it now.”

It was the first time the recalcitrant Rebecca looked in my direction. Her eyes fixated on the light wood paddle in my hand.

“I needed to get ready and she waited for me to start when she pushed me out of the bathroom and took her shower” the bratty one says.

“That’s such a lie! You had all morning!” yelled Rosie.

“Why do you want me to get in trouble you little bitch!” Rebecca yelled louder.

“Okay that is more than enough! I’ll settle this once and for all! You’re both in for it!”

I take Rosie first by the hand and strip her towel off. “Get yourself in that corner and don’t you even think about moving until I call for you! If I catch you trying to peek, you’ll feel this paddle too young lady and don’t think for a minute I won’t do it!”

Next I pull the staunch Rebecca from her curled up position on the bed. She tries to fight me but in the end a good ear pull does the trick and she is up on her toes. I fold her over the bed after pulling down her pants. “Ten of these will do you a world of good!”

Rebecca had yet to receive a real spanking from me yet. She came in last night and went straight up to bed. I almost felt bad having to use this particular paddle on her but her despicable behavior warranted it. Of course I gave her an introductory spanking should she try to break the rules.

“I don’t think this is the first spanking you want to get here young lady but your defiance and your attitude must change and this has yet to fail me. I truly hope you’re quite proud of yourself for getting into this much trouble on your first day.” I begin the lecture, something to aid in her chastisement. The first blow is applied one that brought a deafening silence to the room followed by a yelp. The first one the receiver tries to take, biting their lip and inhaling deeply. The determination to fight it quickly dissipates when the second is applied. Rebecca screamed out.  A scream that I’m certain sent a chill down Rosie’s spine. Even she jumped at the blood curdling scream. “You’re not so tough now are you? Are you little girl?” “You thought you were oh-so-tough, defying my authority did you?” I pack another blow to her bottom. “Well tough girls don’t cry like a baby as you’re doing now do they?” Another lays down on her tender little behind. Her screams and cries fill the room. I promised her ten and she is getting every single one of them. I finish her paddling and she falls onto the bed in a bawling slump with her hands clutching at her bottom. Her punishment isn’t over quite yet. I pull her up and march her to the corner and place the paddle in her hands “hold that at your back young lady and don’t you think about moving while I tend to Rosie. You go ahead and cry all you want. You deserved every one of those!”

I take Rosie over my lap and spank her still damp bottom. I know she is still a bit sore from the belt I took to her bottom last night. Within a few spanks she is crying steadily over my knees.

I take both sobbing girls to the bath so Rosie can properly finish her shower and little miss attitude Rebecca can learn that cursing in my presence is never tolerated. Rosie watches me slip the fresh bar of soap in Rebecca’s mouth. She scowls at the taste. “Spit it out and I’ll take the paddle to you again for another ten!” I warn.

I pull her to the corner of the bath so I can keep an eye on her and she cries. “You have nothing at all to cry about, you brought this all on yourself. But a word of warning, before the days end you’ll have plenty more to cry about young lady.”

Later, when Rosie was showered and dressed we all took to the stairs where I planted Rebecca in the entrance in the corner with her bottom exposed and her hands holding the paddle for all to see. Rosie went about her day knowing she had a bedtime spanking coming to her and unless she wanted a good dose of the cane, she would behave herself.

Rebecca spent her day being the focal point of our entranceway. She served as a good reminder for anyone that was thinking about disobeying me. She was spanked in front of new guests as well as a dear friend of mine. She thought that as the worst of it. Having to shuffle across the floor, exposed in front of my male guest for a spanking over my lap. I saved the best for last. I called her boyfriend, Nick. He is a sweet, kind man who is quite sick of being treated badly by Rebecca. He’s a tall, broad man with a full head of thick dark hair, a chiseled face and a hearty laugh.

Earlier in the day I had called Nick to inform him of his girlfriends horrendous behavior. Needless to say, he was mortified she acted like such a brat. I gave him a few pointers on dealing with her and he agreed to come over and give Rebecca a surprise.

With almost everyone upstairs, except Rosie who was expecting her bedtime spanking, Nick arrived and I went to get his girlfriend. I pulled her pants up and took the paddle from her. Her eyes beamed when I told her that he was here to check on her.

I arrived back in the parlor where Nick was anxiously awaiting Rebecca. She sits gingerly next to him on her side and he gives her a hug. “So how’s it going kiddo?” he asks.

She glances at me and I simply smile. “She’s learning” I say.

Rebecca is quite pleased I’m not letting him on how terrible she had been and grins sheepishly.

“Before this visit gets under way I have one matter to tend to.”

Her eyes are so wide, but I am quick to reassure her that it isn’t for her. At least not yet. “Rosie, come in here now please.”

She appears in the doorway and sees that Rebecca is sitting next to Nick and she is all smiles. I can see in her eyes, she is terrified that I’m not just going to spank her but I’m going to spank her in front of her nemesis and her boyfriend.

“Take down your pants and panties and nose to the corner for a few minutes.”

Rosie does as she’s told but I can see the tears well up in her eyes. “The quicker you move, the quicker it’ll all be over.”

When she is in place, I decide to tell Nick a little bit about what happened this morning. “You see these two got into an argument this morning. This one got in the shower before your lovely Rebecca could.”

I call for Rosie. She shuffles across the floor much like Rebecca did earlier with my male guest. I pull her down across my lap and spank her soundly until she is bawling.

“Now that I think about it, I should mention that she, Rebecca isn’t innocent in all of this. Your girl decided to waste her time this morning and waited until the last minute to rush around.”

Nick turned to her “is that right Becky?”

She cast her eyes down “yes.”

“Isn’t that one of the reasons I sent you here for?” he asks sternly.

“I know” she mumbles.

I caress Rosie’s red cheeks to soothe her. She quiets down, whether or not from my soothing hand caressing her warm bottom or because she wants to hear more of the conversation is not clear.

“Okay my girl, up on your feet.”

Rosie struggles to stand up and waits for me to pull her panties over her sore bottom and finally her pants. I wipe the tears from her eyes and send her up to her bedroom. “I think we’ll all have a better day tomorrow.”

When Rosie is out of range I turn my attention back to Nick and Rebecca. “You know I called him today and told him what happened.”

Her face turned as red as her bottom was after the paddle. She couldn’t face Nick.

“Stand up and let him pull down your pants so he can see.”

Rebecca begins to softly cry.

Nick stands up and unbuckles his belt “do it young lady or I will!” he says in his best authoritarian voice.

Her eyes widen and jaw drops as he draws the belt from his pants. “I sent you here and I get a call from Ms. Payne telling me what you did and what you said. From now on things are going to be a lot different between us. No more of your attitude young lady!” he stood her up and tugged her pants over her sore bottom. With one hand he firmly bent her over the arm of the sofa and gave her a sound spanking. One I suspect she won’t forget.

I dismissed Rebecca to the care of Nick who promised her that anytime she misbehaved he had no qualms about spanking her and he would. He knew it was his responsibility to control the situation. I remind him that if he doesn’t, I will and that means he was find himself a guest in my home and undoubtedly over my knee.

A Lesson He’ll Never Forget

I’d have to say that one of my greater pet peeves is that when I ask someone to arrive prepared, and they fail to do so. For instance, if I tell you to arrive at my home plugged, you better be. This was not the case today. Mark, a sweet man who is a bit of a smart ass, (I might add that is exactly what he had when I finished with him, but that comes a bit later in the story) arrived a few minutes late and tried to use the bathroom before we got started. Due to the fact that I told him to arrive plugged, that was not going to happen until I made sure he had. Mark protested, insisting his need was urgent and I could check in a few minutes.  I knew then and there that he hadn’t come prepared. I could’ve taken him over my knee immediately but had a better idea.

“Go right ahead, but make it quick” I said with a smile.

I heard a sigh of relief from him as he made his way down the hall. I waited for him to shut the door to the bath and listened to him start to pee. Just then I threw the door open much to his dismay and shock and stopped midstream.

“Ma’am, please!”

I ignored him and started the task of pushing his pants to the floor “Aha!” I said when I saw he was not plugged at all.

“I forgot ma’am, I lost it” he tried.

“Which one is it?” I snapped.

“Well, I…I guess that I forgot that I lost it.” Like I said, he’s a bit of a smart ass.

Lying is not tolerated and I wasted no time in addressing it. I slapped his face hard and reached for a bar of soap. Mark started to cry, whether or not it was from the slap or the fact that he loathes the soap is a mystery. Either way, he got the message that rule breaking has consequences. I drove it home with a harsh pull of his wrist to the living room. Mark struggled to keep up with my pace, especially with his pants around his ankles.

I propped him up over my lap and spanked him as hard and slowly as I could with my hand. I took my time, after all, he needed to learn this lesson and this was just the beginning. I verbally chastised him for his blatant lack of respect for me and my rules. Later going on to say that this one spanking was not nearly over which made him cry harder. Blow after painstakingly slow blow, he was learning a valuable lesson.

Several minutes later, when I knew his bottom was ablaze, I let him stumble to his feet and forced his mouth open for the soap. I sent him shuffling to the corner while I readied myself to humiliate him in such a way he hadn’t known before and it was overdue.

When I finally finished dressing, I informed him that he was to join me in running a few errands.

“Oh please, not like this” he whimpered.

“Of course not silly boy, you’re half naked. Let’s pull these pants up and then you’ll be ready.”

Mark tried to wipe his eyes while I fastened his pants and I told him about our first stop to a nearby toy store. When he learned that not only were we going to purchase a plug for him but he was going in and he was going to ask and I would be sure to let everyone in the store know that it was for him, the tears flowed once again.

I marched him outside by his wrist, just as a mother would do with an ill-behaved child and forced him into the backseat. If he wants to act like a child, I’ll treat him like one.

We arrived at the store and he was obstinate to leave the backseat until I pulled him by the ear. “This is your one and final warning, behave and do as I told you or else” I reiterated with a sharp slap across his face before grabbing him by the wrist again and dragged him inside.

A tremendously cute girl was working and quite a few patrons wandered through the store. This certainly will humiliate him, I thought to myself. When she asked us if we needed help, he begged with his eyes but was met with a sharp swat to the back of his pants.

“Do I need to take you over my knee right here and now? Need I remind you that I’ve already spanked you once?”

Marks eyes welled but he stammered his inquiry.

The girl giggled a bit and a few customers turned to look. I have to admit, it was something to see. Mark is normally quite shy.

She brought us over to the section with plugs and asked which size which made him weep like a litlte girl. I knew he would absolutely hate it if I told her that he was by far not a virgin to my strap on. He was starting to make a bit of a scene and not wanting to disturb everyone else, I simply sent him to the corner. “And stop that crying before I give you something to cry about! Or, maybe you’d like everyone to see that red ass of yours.”

I picked out two. One that would be great for long stints, just small enough to be slightly uncomfortable and make sure he knows it’s there. The other for when I used the belt on him later which he would hate. I called him from the corner. It was so adorable to see his face almost as red as his bottom and tear streaked. I doubt he’ll conveniently forget again. But I wasn’t quite through with him yet and as he neared I asked the young girl if there was a place we could clean it off and use it right away. Much to my delight and his dismay she said she would wash it in the back but customers weren’t allowed back there but it could be inserted behind the counter. The counter which didn’t offer much privacy and he would be pretty much in full view of anyone in the store. Of course I said yes and thanked her.

She returned a few minutes later and once again Mark was stubborn. I couldn’t really blame him, what I was about to do would utterly humiliate him. I had to take him again by his ear and pulled him like a naughty child to the back of the counter. Before I even had his pants unzipped he was bawling. Knowing that this was good for him, I lowered them along with his shorts and bent him over the back of the counter. His bottom pink and warm to the touch and quite exposed to the store, I opened him and finger fucked him a bit before sliding the plug into place. “Does this feel good?” I asked.

He whispered “yes ma’am” in his submissive voice.

I knew he had enough embarrassment. I pulled his pants up, thanked everyone for their cooperation and led him out of the store.

He cried for the duration of the drive home which was good for him. It was cathartic. I led him out of the car and held him for several minutes before we went inside. Mark held me tightly, I decided then that the belt wasn’t necessary, he had learned his lesson. Certainly he would be spanked again, but a traditional over the knee hand spanking would be more than enough as long he Mark behaved himself. He needed the comfort that only a stern, but loving hand could do.

When I brought him inside he held onto me tight and thanked me repeatedly. Certainly we had a long day ahead of us, but I had certainly gotten my point across.