The Sound That is Music to My Ears

I love the sound of a grown man bawling like a child. It’s music to my ears. For instance, Rick, a lovely middle aged gentleman whose inner child takes over more often than not, he’s a lovely crier. Yesterday, much like most days when he’s left to his own devices, Rick decided to spend the day watching spanking videos, something that is only acceptable if he has earned it and has my permission to do so. Needless to say, young Rick had neither and furthermore, decided to attempt to masturbate several times but revealed he could not because he certainly didn’t have privacy for that either. Which explains why he is bent over the arm of the sofa, sore, red and bare bottomed with a thermometer in him.

I’ve already taken him across my lap twice, once for a hand spanking and once for the brush. Both times his lovely song of tears filled the house. You wouldn’t believe the concerto he sung for the strap which lay beautifully laid over his back now. His cries are soft now, a lovely orchestra playing softly in the background.

Rick knows his discipline is far from over and as an incentive, he’s been told that if he lets the thermometer slip, he’ll receive six strokes of the cane. He has no idea how long he must hold it only that he mustn’t let it slip.

He looks quite adorable with his little round bottom on display, propped up on the arm of the sofa. His feet just off the ground and his head buried deep in the cushions crying softly as I scold him.

“What a little sight you are! You thought you were oh so smart going behind my back. At least until I found all of those wet spots in your underpants. Now look at you, sobbing like a little boy. I suppose it’s a bit hard to feel too dignified in your current position and with a thermometer in your bottom, I suppose it’s not even possible. Did I just see it slip out a bit?” I tease. I know it did not but it makes him cry harder and louder.

“I wonder if Jen is stopping by” I say nonchalantly knowing his current situation is one he would not want anyone to see him in. Especially not Jen, a beautiful twenty-something woman Rick has met before and I believe would like to see again. His cries fill the room and I suspect the entire house. It’s music to my ears. I doubt he’ll behave the way he did again.

You can imagine my surprise when the phone rings and it’s Jen. She asks if she can stop by. Of course I say yes. I am sure to say her name a few times so he knows and end the call with a ‘see you shortly.’ Rick cried and cried, his little red bottom bouncing over the arm of the sofa.

I could tell him she will be here, in case he hadn’t heard or I can let him wonder if I was toying with him. For his own benefit, I let him think about it while I go off to get my small paddle.

I can hear Rick’s cries in my bedroom and spend a few minutes, making him wait is so much better for him. He knows he cannot move and is at my mercy.

I return to the living room and check his thermometer, which is still in place. He is quite fearful of the cane and I’m pleased that as of now, it will not need to be used. However, we have a long way to go before I finish with him.

Rick hears someone at the door and I slap his bottom to remind him to be good. “Stay put and be good, I’ll check to see who it is.”

I listen intently as he struggles to maintain his cries to barely audible. When I return, I don’t mention that it was a delivery. Instead I let him wonder if someone, Jen, in particular is in the room. His body is shaking and I know he is sobbing, but he’s keeping as quiet as he can.

“Oh my, aren’t we adorable while we’re trying to pretend we’re a good boy. Might I remind you of your position?” I say and twist the thermometer in him.

I should mention that there is yet another reason for his present situation. Not only was young Rick watching spanking videos, he was also on a chat, and unbeknownst to him, he was chatting with me. I had seen him earlier online and used a secret name. Oh the things he had said to me! Once I revealed who I was and marched his naughty little bottom in here to spank him this morning, he was more than surprised. He was further surprised to learn that during his punishment he would not be allowed to talk as he had done more than his fair share of it yesterday.

“I think we can safely take this out for a few minutes, at least long enough to paddle that naughty bottom of yours good.”

Rick bawls as I slip the thermometer from him, he knows another spanking is coming, quickly. I pull him off the sofa and by the ear he is pulled to my chair and over my lap. His hands clasp onto my ankle and with the first swat, he is yelping and howling. I hold him firmly around the waist, keeping him in place while delivering blow after searing blow to his already tanned bottom. When I thought I’d made an impression on him, I stopped and softly rubbed his sore bottom for a few minutes.

“There, there” I soothed while he cried uncontrollably. “I’m very sorry that I have no choice but to discipline you.”

I continued to rub him and soothe him even though it was far from over. When Rick finally calmed down enough, I told him to kneel before me which he did with tears running down his chiseled face.

“You have some questions to answer young man.”

Rick sniffed and wiped his eyes but continued to sob a bit.

“Are you sorry?”

“Yes ma’am.”

“Are you sorry you were chatting with me? Be honest or I’ll take the strap to you.”

His eyes filled with tears and he cried harder.

“Bring me the strap!” I snap.

“Oh, please no ma’am. I’m sorry but…I am sorry”

I decided to let that go, it was a bit of a loaded question.

“Very well. Why were you watching those videos?”

Rick knew no matter what his answer, he would soon be over my knee again and cried again.

“Why? I want an answer now young man!”

“Because I couldn’t control myself, I guess…I’m just, I’m naughty.”

“When you were chatting with me last night, you said you couldn’t orgasm because of privacy, that wasn’t quite true now was it?”

Rick shook his head “no Aunt Beth”

“So you lied?”

He nodded “yes ma’am.”

“When was the last time you masturbated?”

I knew by his cry that he didn’t want to answer, which meant he had deceived me.

“You can either answer me now, or after six strokes of the cane. Which is it going to be?”

“Last week” he cried and hugged my knees.

“You didn’t have my permission did you?”

I couldn’t quite understand the words but the general answer was a no. I smoothed his hair and massaged his neck and shoulders while he sobbed.

Several minutes went by before he was calm again. “I’m not going to say I’m not disappointed in you, but like everything else, this will be a lesson and for you, one not soon forgotten.” I patted my lap, an indication he certainly didn’t want. Reluctantly he crawled over my lap again, this time for a quick but meaningful hand spanking.

“Go to the bath and bring back a bar of soap, you know what happens when you lie” I say when I finish.

I pull out a clever contraption designed for naughty boys like Rick.

Rick shuffled off to retrieve a bar and came back with a wet bar he hands to me.

“This will not happen again. Your behavior will not be tolerated and if you try me, so help me, this will seem like a walk in the park compared to what I will do to you” I promise while forcing the bar into his mouth.

Rick sees the item in my hands and his eyes grow wide.

“This, my dear, is a chastity belt” I say while putting it on his soft penis. “Get used to wearing it, you will be for the next few days, say a week. Not consistently mind you, just when I am unable to supervise your every move” I say and lock it into place.

“Go march yourself to the corner. I suggest you think about your recent behavior young man and realize it will not be tolerated!”

I watch as Rick shuffles off to the corner. His bottom is swirl of crimson, deep and brilliant shades of red.

Jen arrives a few minutes later and lets herself in. She takes one look at Rick and I motion for her to come in quietly.

“Dear boy, would you prefer the thermometer to the soap?” I ask.

Rick nods eagerly but has yet to realize that Jen is sitting in on his punishment.

“Spit it out and ask properly and don’t you dare move just yet!”

“Please Aunt Beth, please put the thermometer back in my naughty bottom. I promise to be good. Please, I hate the soap!”

“Why are you being punished?”

“Because I was bad, I watched videos and didn’t ask your permission and I chatted with someone, well you, but I didn’t know it.”

“You know Jen called earlier, she wanted to come over”

Rick sobbed.

“Please don’t let her see me like this, please Aunt Beth….”

“Why? Weren’t you a bad boy?” I ask

“Yes ma’am, but please do it before she comes over.”

“What do you want me to do?” I tease.

“Oh Aunt Beth please put my thermometer in, please ma’am” he cries. “I know I’ve been a bad boy…”

“Come over here.”

Rick turned and stood still when he saw Jen seated next to me. His hands immediately tried to cover the chastity belt.

“Get over here right now before I take you over my knee for the paddle again!”

Rick shuffles over, crying all the way and stands before me.

“Come on now, over my lap, this isn’t the first time today.”

Rick lays himself over my lap and Jen cradles his head while I slip the thermometer back into his bottom. Jen and I enjoy a nice visit, with the exception of the occasional sobs from Rick, especially when she notes how nicely he holds it in place. And, of course the chastity belt that is digging into my thigh isn’t the most pleasant experience but well worth it knowing this lesson will be learned and his unwanted behavior will not happen again.

Our visit nears the end and I slip the thermometer from his bottom and stand him up to face Jen and myself. I hand my dear friend the keys to his chastity belt. “Rick, go and clean up and when you return Jen will free you. Please thank her properly and apologize, a heartfelt one too and then kneel on the floor.

I excuse myself to freshen up and when I return Rick is kneeling in front of the sofa with a sullen look. “Did you apologize to our guest?”

“Yes Aunt Beth” he says shyly.

I look to Jen who confirms it.

“Seeing as you enjoy making yourself hard and masturbating, I want you to make yourself hard, right now, in front of us.”

Rick is mortified but this is part of his discipline.

“Now, young man and you’ll be back over my lap and this time it won’t be for a little thermometer, it’ll be the brush!”

He starts stroking himself and very soon he is hard again. I praise him and encourage him to keep going but not to have an orgasm. When I feel he’s close to a climax I tell him to stop and for a brief moment, I feel bad for him, he looks so sad. I quickly remind myself of his recent behavior.

“Naughty little boys aren’t allowed an orgasm and you’ve behaved quite poorly. When I send you to the corner and think about this. For the next week or so, multiple times a day, you will be made to get hard, and stop. You never know when I will tell you to do this and when I cannot watch over you, you will be in the chastity belt. So Jen and myself can enjoy a few minutes without having to tend to you, march your little behind to the corner and keep your hands at your sides.”

Rick softly cries in the corner, it’s such sweet sound. It’s going to be a long week for Rick but I have a feeling my home will be filled with the sound of cries and that is music to my ears.

4 thoughts on “The Sound That is Music to My Ears

  1. Amazing story and Rick is one lucky man to have you and your friends to tend to his naughty bottom, I too hate the cane. Thank you for an amazing story with a twist of fate with the chastiy belt. Well done.

  2. Excellent story. I am a Dom. but lately have had thoughts of switching just to experience it. Your stories have me thinking even more. trouble is I don’t like

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